Gelareh Alam is an independent fashion designer based in San Francisco. Her story is quite unconventional.

“I had no voice growing up as a girl in war and conflict.  I would have to run for safety all the time and got used to fear.  Now, having come so far from that, I celebrate freedom and empower myself by expressing strength and sensuality through my art.  I want to create pieces with feminine elegance and give the wearer a fearless confidence.  If we feel empowered, there is noting that we can't do."

∝ ∝ ∝

We started Gelareh Designs to bring this feeling to those visionaries and trend-setters who are looking to express their fearlessness in style.  As a company, we are motivated to provide our clients with a pure, empowered feeling and the finest quality clothes.  The design speaks for itself.  The rest we do by paying strict attention to all details of craft and execution. All pieces are handcraft, made by a single master artisan, in our own in-house atelier.  This allows for the complexity, texture, and layers of exquisite craftsmanship you will see on every piece.