Artist’s Statement

I have been afraid of water my whole life. The open ocean has always frightened me,  
But something changed this year. Perhaps it is my work towards expression, the breakthrough I had for my last line “ERUPTION” or simply a turn of the life led by faith in myself. This year I decided to face my fear, and create a collection inspired by the vibrant life underwater, so I took Scuba Diving classes, and traveled to Belize, where, once I was able to calm myself and breathe under water, I saw a world of abundance and vitality in an alien environment, more natural than the one I live in most of the time.
This is the inspiration for LEMURIAN: I made this collection to face deep and old fears, to push through and take action to change my relationship with the world.  Self expression is personal growth. Thank you. GELAREH

I live near the ocean most of the year. It has been sad and disheartening to see the increase in plastic trash in the oceans over the last 15 years.  In celebration of the massive ecosystems that support our own existence, threatened by plastic, I will donate a portion of all profits from this LEMURIAN collection to help clean up plastic in the oceans.